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Keep hearing about Payment Protection Insurance but not started a claim?

It’s as simple as:

Complete Steps  
If you have ever had a credit agreement (for example  credit cards, loans, mortgage, store cards, HP Finance) then it is very possible you might have been paying Payment Protection Insurance.

Lloyds, Black Horse, Halifax, RBS, NatWest, Barclays, MBNA, Capital 1, Santander to name just a few, have all set aside millions to pay back compensation to those wrongly sold Payment Protection Insurance.

Many people have wrongly been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance and are yet to claim. You could be due £1,000’s in compensation so don’t delay your claim any further. We take the time and stress out of the entire claim process and manage it on your behalf. Let Claim Back My PPI claim back the money your are owed!

Why could I claim PPI?

  • You were not informed that PPI was an optional extra
  • PPI was added to the policy without your knowledge
  • You were pressured into taking PPI to obtain the finance
  • The PPI does not cover the entire term of the loan
  • If you were Self Employed, unemployed, retired or had a pre – existing medical condition then the PPI might not have been appropriate.